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Release your finger from the screen. Click „People“ and press the „Menu“ button at the bottom of the screen. Click „Import/Export.“ Click „Export to SD Card“ and choose an account. 4) Marner is not getting $10MM 5) Did Andreas Johnsson die in this scenario? Idk if you think he gonna be priced out, but it far more likely he plays 2LW and Kapanen is 3RW than Bracco being up. 6) Lindholm? 7) If they tight enough that they be forcing in Bracco/Sandin, I think it pretty likely Zaitsev gets dealt. 8) Rather than make Grundstrom play on the fourth line, or commit to Gauthier (maybe you just have him in the lineup over Lindholm? But he lost the battle as of now, looks like), they sign more Ennis types.

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