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I didn care for this resort at all. Since all the buildings are only 2 stories, there are TONS of them, so we ended up getting lost every night trying to get back to our room. All the buildings look the same retro sunglasses, and the signage is not very good. If you have that many kids, you probably need to just build several teams. I would try to keep the teams small, 6 8 is a good size. If you can keep them local to each other, thats even better because you need to meet at least once a week.

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Bathing Suits Grew up watching most of the UC series. Wasn a fan of pretty much anything from Seed on, and IBO easily makes it to the top of my list for non UC. Wing was the only one out of the non Universal Century that I liked, but that because it was part of growing up, and watching it now I think it pretty terrible. Bathing Suits

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